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The Role Of The Hero In Antiquity by [profile] raven29121982 (on lj not dw -apparently I don't know how to do lj tags here :P)

Raven is seriously one of the most unique and talented new voices in bandom. (You may have heard me raving about her Smith Chronicles). She is one to watch - and the reason to read this particular fic? Two words: Jon Walker! According to Raven the fic wasn't even supposed to BE about Jon - it was about Brendon, but then Tommy broke Jon's heart, and well, Jon took over!

And boy, did he take over, if you have even the tiniest love for JWalk in your heart you will love him here. He will make you laugh ( and so will Ryan and Spencer, as they are brilliantly snarky and in love as only they could be!)and he will make you cry, and you will cheer for him and nag Raven for a sequel! (I am counting on this :P)

I don't really have a good summary- it's kind of barrista fic, kind of roommate fic, kind of hooker fic, kind of broken boys coping fic, and definitely, definitely strong friendship fic- Just read it :D

Pairings: past Tom/Jon, Ryan/Spencer- and strong Brendon/Jon friendship

Warnings for prostitution, violence, dub-con, language, casual drug use, angst- though nothing too heavy.

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Date: 2009-05-25 06:16 am (UTC)
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to do the Dw tags you do <*user name=namehere> and to link to another site it would be <*user name=name here *> (or insanejournal, or journalfen, or other lj clone sites) just take out the stars!

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:D no problem!


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