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Name:Bandom recs
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:All Bandom Recs {fic, picspam, media...}
Work in progress

.:: About ::.

So, what's Bandom Recs?

Well, the name should explain itself, but in case you still have doubts...

You see, you like, you rec. Share the bandom love!

There's a reason we chose this motto (apart from being insane ;)). How many times have you seen a great primer, or read an amazing fic, and you'd like for everyone to share it with you? How many times have you wanted to read a good fic but you didn't know what to choose? Or maybe... you made a rec lists or a masterlist, and would love for more people to read it and comment?

From now on if you're on dreamwidth you just have to post here. \O/

Probabily there's something similar on LJ, another reason to keep things interesting in this new world as well XD We hope you'll like this idea.

BTW.. obviously there will be Slash here, so if you don't like it you're warned ;p

.:: How it works ::.

  • You can rec all the fics you like, picspams, videos, primers, and SO ON, anything, and then you can browse the entries and see what other members found around worth seeing/reading! You can post links from everywhere, dw, lj, websites... Recs lists and Masterlists are welcome and encouraged as well (we love them, so post them, link them, go wild!).

  • If you want to rec here something of yours (fics, works, arts, etc) you can send them to the mods at this address: ; Put in the subject line 'bandom rec' and send us links and details. As soon as we have enough for that week, we'll personally post everything!
    ABOUT your recs list or your Masterlist: This is different, you can rec them yourself, link your entries, etc! So, post post post. :)

  • Every Friday, as soon as we have more members, we'll propose a theme or a prompt for reccing: for example we could ask for "college fics" and you all could rec your favorite ones and everything about that, for a week more or less! Sometimes we'll choose, sometimes on Monday we'll open an entry in which we'll accept requests, so if you like this idea, you can let everyone know what you would like to read or see. The most requested one will be chosen to be on the "themed recs of the week" ;) We still didn't start, but we're thinking to do it asap. Suggestions, ideas? Write us \O/

  • .:: Rules ::.

    .:01:. Be kind. To rec something we need to involve a third part that maybe doesn't even read the community. So no flames, no insults, no mean criticism. You have something to tell the author you leave a comment to them where the original post is, not here. We're not elitists and we won't accept this kind of attitude. There are no major and minor authors/posters. It doesn't matter if someone is well-known or not, we accept recs of anyone if they're worth seeing, so no flames if the person who's recced is at their first fic/work ;)

    .:02:. Since it's a multi-band community don't start arguing over a band/musician. Don't like, skip post. It's easy :). Obviously that also means we won't accept insults towards band members or people close to them. Same goes about Slash or pairings you don't like or something like that. Respect everyone. :)

    .:03:. Use proper English. Common abbreviation such as lol, btw, rotfl etc...are ok, but don't typ3 lik3 dis, or people won't understand you and you'll make things difficult for everyone.

    .:04:. All ratings, pairings and genres are allowed. NC17 Summaries need a cut. Please list all the warnings.

    .:05:. When you rec a fic please post: Author name, title, fandom/Band, pairings, rating, warnings if there are some. We appreciate a little summary (remember not to spoiler too much ;)) and if you want why you're reccing it as well. If you want you can add a few lines of the fic (no spoilers!) under a cut.

    .:06:. When you rec a picspam/primer/Graphic: Author name, fandom/Band, person/pairings, and again, if you want why you're reccing it.

    .:07:. Do not rec your own things (fics/art etc) or it would be pimping and not reccing, right? ;) But as we said you can send your links to us here: - We'll post them for you asap.
    You can post your own masterlist though and pimp it to ask help to find more fics on that topic :) we all love masterlists ;)

    .:08:. If you have to pimp communities please ask first or send us the link. If it's related to bandom we'll probably say yes but we want to know. ;)

    .:09:. If the author asks you to delete the rec please do so ASAP. [If you see something of yours linked here and you don't like it please contact one of the mods, we'll do something ASAP].

    .:: Disclaimer ::.

    We don't claim anything of what's recced on this community.
    All the stories are properties of the authors themselves and the same stands for the recced graphics or various works. (Don't take/use/modify anything without the author's permission. Don't repost anything anywhere else claiming it as yours.)
    If the author isn't ok with them being here the post will be removed.
    We don't mean to offend or desrespect anyone. :) You can find us here:

    .::Affiliates and Credits::.

    .::. Community and ideas by [personal profile] chainer_morgana & [personal profile] raffie
    .::. Layout by [personal profile] boo modified by [personal profile] chainer_morgana
    .::. Header by [personal profile] chainer_morgana


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    Wanna Affiliate?
    Drop us a comment or contact one of the mods! :)
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