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Hey, I just thought I'd start out by saying hi and introducing myself I guess. I'm Trista and I love music. The end.

I have a rec-list that I made for a friend on LJ when she was beginning to read cabfic. There's not much of it out there but I did manage to compile a decent list, so if anyone is interested, please do not hesitate to click the cut below! Also: this list is not complete by any means and slightly old. If you have any of your own suggestions, please let me know and I will add them to the list :D

Also: if any of the links fail to work, please also let me know and I'll track the fic down and get a working link. All these links lead on over to Livejournal.

Lastly, if anyone in here is willing to make a cabfic community with me, please contact me about it.


Only The Moon Howls By [profile] miserylovedme
Summary:Marshall decides not to tell any of them what he saw. He doesn’t sleep much after that and never without the light on.

Everyone Else is Doing It, so why can't we? by [personal profile] fiddleyoumust
Summary: Everyone on Panic at the Disco and the Cab are hooking up, so Ian and Marshall decide to spend some time together in Marshall's room, sharing a couple joints to avoid this.

Lost for the night By [profile] miserylovedme and [profile] riflethrough
Summary: They’ve just been talking about it, awkward hands on one another’s backs in the night, sleeping too close to each other in the van, shaking fingers and nerve-bitten lips at the idea of just maybe, maybe it being more.-- centered around the Van accident they had early this year.

It's Not Your Fault (Please Stop Your Crying Now) By [profile] justranda
Summary: Ian was driving the night of the accident. What lesson does he learn? And how does it apply to his relationship with Marshall?

Put on Your Pretty Lies By [profile] miserylovedme
Summary: Marshall doesn’t smile again, but when they turn, heading back for the stage and their fingers brush, Ian likes to think he can feel it on his skin.

http://riflethrough.livejournal.com/13458.html By [profile] miserylovedme and [profile] riflethrough
Summary: "And I am now a girl," Marshall says slowly. He makes a face. "Well, kind of. Sort of. Physically, anyway. Whatever." --Marshall wakes up as a girl and decides that he needs to fuck his band. The problem? Ian is gay but kinda really liked Marshall when Marshall was a boy. I really really liked this although I am really not a fan of genderswap at all.

I found my peace and it led to you By [profile] hellspearx17
Summary: Ian discovers Buddhism while the band tours Japan. He finds so much more when they go back home. -- This was really awesome. I was very impressed.

Make My Wish Come True By [profile] anywhat
Summary: Ian and Marshall move in together just before the holidays, which would be totally awesome if it weren't for the fact that Marshall is a little bit in love with his new roommate.

Awake and Alive (For the First Time) By [profile] dimmingdivine
Summary: The boys are snowed in so they play outside in the cold. Ian and Marshall end up doing a little more than just playing – angsty til the end, sort of, but very very good.

Cash/Alex DeLeon(Singer)

I give in, I give up By [profile] riflethrough
Summary: Alex DeLeon really hates Cash Colligan

Whatever you like By [profile] miserylovedme
Summary: He smells like woodchips and wet dog. – Alex works at a Halloween store and Cash likes to bother him there constantly.

I was born with a devil on my shoulder By [profile] iamiamamachine
Summary: Singer just wants his first time to mean something. –Set when they were recording. I really like this, the characterizations are very well done.

The Way It’s Seen (In Christmas Lights By [profile] drug_bust_red
Summary: Cash works at the mall as an elf for the Christmas rush and thinks Singer is a totally hot perfume girl. He is not a perfume girl, but he is totally hot, so Cash taps that.

Epic Long Fic but also Epic Good Fic

The Hammond Affair By [profile] queensheep
Summary: A geneticist, a palaeontologist, an advertising executive, a geologist and a doctor all walk into a bar. Or rather, a tropical island. What do they all have in common? –Dinosaur AU. Very, very good. (Cash/Singer, Johnson/Marshall)

The Way You Burn By [profile] miserylovedme and [profile] riflethrough
Summary: "You saved me," Marshall corrects. He pulls Ian even closer, until it's harder to keep focus on Marshall's face. –Vampire AU (Ian/Marshall)

Turn it Into Glory By [profile] miserylovedme and [profile] riflethrough
Summary: William is quiet for a long time before he steps forward and gently pulls Cash’s hands from his own throat and brushes gentle fingertips over the flushed skin. “You think because you were made last that you don’t matter. That you’re less of me because I didn’t choose you.” –Part Two of Vampire AU (Alex DeLeon/Cash)


number forty-seven said to number three By [profile] thingsyoumissed
Summary: This is Alex Marshall's life: Elvis, pizza, and somehow being in a relationship with his entire band.

Other Great Things To Check Out

Masterlist By [profile] miserylovedme
Summary: Everything that’s been written. Tons of Cabfic if you scroll down to look.

[profile] cabfic -- All of your cabbaby needs!

My Memories in case you want other pairings as well
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